Monday, May 18, 2009

Older and Wiser?

I recently celebrated my 19th birthday... And already i feel old.
No more dipping chips in my ice-cream, swinging in the kiddie seat of the local swingset, secretly enjoying playing dress-ups with my little cousins. Now I am expected to be a wise, mature young adult in this world... Ha! Yeah right! I will continue to delight in strange culinary experiences, utilise the odd position of sitting on the back of the swing-seat, and letting my face be dabbed with lipstick and shocking pink blush, topped with ridiculous fairy hats and ponytails. I'm going to enjoy my life, even if it sometimes ends in being ridiculed and laughed at... because at the end of it all, when i'm old and grey, i will smile to myself and remember all the stupid things i ever did. and love it!

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