Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Invites!!!

Finally! I have started, and finished, my best friend Estelles' wedding invite theme. We decided today on a Ivory, the palest of pinks, and a lovely natural brown. The motif I designed is of a birdcage which will be printed at the top of the invite, and the little vine motif inside it will be used for the table placement cards. I’m so proud of myself; I think it is such a sweet design!

I began by creating a preliminary computer image on Microsoft word. After printing, i simply copied directly over the design in pencil, and added the little fleur de lis and vine design, plus fixed up a few of the curved lines to give it some charm!!
They entire design was created by copying some wirework cages my friend will use as a centrepiece for the tables, threaded with dodda vine and hung with some delightful tin birdies. I can't wait to see the whole theme come together!
Melissa xo